The sound stopped working on my iPhone/iPad! What can I do?

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble! The first thing is to make sure the mute switch isn't on and your volume is turned up. On most iPad and iPhone devices the switch on the side of the phone controls mute. Flip the switch into the on state and use the volume controls to turn up the volume.

I already purchased this game on another device and now the games are locked!

The app stores remember which in-app purchases you've made, so you will never be double charged. To restore a purchase simply open the Parents menu from the main screen of the app, then tap the Restore Purchase button. Just make sure you are using the same account you originally purchased with.

I'm worried about my children using apps, do you collect any information or sell it to anyone?

The privacy of you and your children is our top priority. We review all of our apps continuously to make sure they comply and exceed all privacy laws and recommendations, including COPPA. In addition we are a member of Mom's With Apps "Know What's Inside" program which discloses what an app may contain when used by children.
Feel free to review our privacy policy for more information, and contact us if you have any questions.

What happened to Kevin Bradford Apps?

We simply have changed our name! Same great apps, same people, just a new name. As we expand our portfolio and build our team we needed a new name to reflect our growth. RosiMosi is a tribute to our daughter: our inspiration and main playtester!