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Frequent Questions

The sound stopped working on my iPhone/iPad! What can I do?

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble! The first thing is to make sure the mute switch isn't on and your volume is turned up. If you're not sure where the mute switch is, this link should help.

If your device isn't muted and your volume is up, then please watch this video as it has helped dozens of people fix the most common sound issues.

And of course if you're still having issues please contact us above and we'll fix it right away.

I already paid for this game with an in-app purchase, how do I install them on other devices or after I reinstall?

The app stores remember which in-app purchases you've made, so you will never be double charged.

  • Apple: Pull up the info menu on the main screen and tap Restore Purchase. That's it!
  • Android: Pull up the info menu on the main screen and tap Buy/Restore. When prompted tap Restore Purchase.

I'm worried about my children using apps, do you collect any information or sell it to anyone?

The privacy of you and your children is our top priority. We guarantee that none of our children's apps will collect personal information. This is why we remove as many permissions as possible before we publish our applications. Many app developers leave in obtrusive permissions such as internet communication, phone state, and even location gathering. We go out of our way to remove these unneeded permissions.

In addition, we guarantee that none of our children's applications will ever include advertisements. Ads targeted towards children may be collecting personal information or habits, and we don't want to have any part of that.

Feel free to review our privacy policy or contact us using the form above or at support@kevinbradford.org.